How can I put the iMOW® back into operation?

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As soon as it gets warmer and the soil temperature is around 10° Celsius, it is the right time to mow the lawn at least once a week. Normally, the best time to cut the lawn for the first time is mid-March to mid-April.
If the grass grows earlier due to a warm winter, you should also mow the lawn earlier. If you have fertilised your lawn after the winter, wait at least one to two weeks after fertilising before using the iMOW® robotic lawn mower.
If placed in storage for a long period (e.g. winter break), some precautions should be taken before your iMOW® robotic mower can recommence work in the mowing area.
Below you will find instructions on how to best prepare the mowing area and your iMOW® for mowing.


1. Prepare the mowing area

Remove foreign objects and cut very high grass using a conventional lawn mower.


2. Connecting the docking station

Uncover the docking station and connect the power supply unit to the mains.

Check all connections and cables of the docking station. If necessary, also check the guide wire under the docking station.


3. Check installation

The robotic lawn mower can only be put into operation once it has properly received the wire signal sent by the docking station. If necessary, reconnect the docking station and the iMOW® robotic lawn mower according to the instructions in the user manual. This process can be repeated after winter storage and after a change in the garden.


4. Charge the battery and activate your iMOW®

Place the iMOW® in the docking station. If required, you can activate your robotic lawn mower at the touch of a button. The charging process starts automatically and the robotic lawn mower is ready for operation again. 
If the iMOW® cannot be switched on or if nothing is displayed, please contact your STIHL specialist dealer.
Then check the settings on your machine for the coming season. Please note that the respective settings differ depending on the iMOW® model.



iMOW® settings


RMI iMOW® settings


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