iMOW® winter break and storage

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The first frost is here. It’s high time to prepare your robotic mower for the winter break. Here’s how easy it is to do.

As the cold season begins, your robotic mower's period of activity draws to a close. The lawn no longer needs to be mowed, and your handy garden helper has earned a well-deserved break.

To protect the robotic mower from the weather, it should not be left outside over the winter months. Low temperatures, snow and rain can damage the delicate electronics of your iMOW®. The charging station should also be protected against moisture.

In the late autumn months your lawn's growth almost stops, slowing down greatly. There is little point in mowing during this time, and it can damage both the lawn and your robotic mower.

So when should you stop using the robotic mower for the winter? Your final mow should be no later than when the mercury starts to go below zero. As a guide, the end of October or beginning of November would be a good time to prepare your robotic mower for winter.

Prepare your STIHL robotic mower for winter in just a few steps:

Step 1: Charge the battery

Charge the battery fully after using the iMOW® for the final mow. This will avoid a deep discharge of the robotic mower during hibernation and extend the battery service life.

Step 2: Make the necessary settings

Disable the automatic mowing plan. Make sure that the highest safety level is set and activate "ECO" energy mode.
Activate the disabling device by pressing and holding the STOP button on your robotic mower. The disabling device can also be activated in the robotic mower's menu. Select the "Lock iMOW®" item in the Commands menu and confirm your selection with the OK button. By doing this you ensure that the machine does not inadvertently start on its own.

Step 3: Check the robotic mower for wear

The robotic mower must only be stored in good operational condition.

Check the robotic mower for signs of wear and possible damage. Any worn or defective parts you find should be replaced. We recommend that you have this done by one of our qualified STIHL specialist dealers. By doing this you protect the machine from premature malfunctions and get it ready for use for the spring.

Check the mowing blade. Is it still sharp enough or does it need to be replaced? We recommend that you change the mowing blade every 200 operating hours at the latest.

Step 4: Clean the robotic mower

Robotic mowers need care and attention too! You should therefore devote some time to your iMOW® and clean it before the long winter break. Clean the housing and the removed mowing deck using a damp cloth. See the operating instructions or our instructions for information on how to remove persistent soiling and thoroughly clean your iMOW® robotic mower.

Step 5: Winter break for the charging station

The iMOW® docking station can be left where it is on the lawn over the winter. However, you should cover it to protect the electronics. Disconnect the power supply unit from the mains and store it in a cable box, for example. Place a suitable bucket over the station and secure it to keep it firmly in place on the docking station over the winter.
Alternatively you can also remove the charging station over the winter months. Here you will learn how to easily remove the docking station.

STIHL pro tip: Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents that could damage the robotic mower. Do not clean your iMOW® under running water or using a high-pressure cleaner.

Step 6: Store your robotic mower over winter

Store the iMOW® in a dry and lockable room, e.g. in your garage or basement. The temperatures in the storage room should not fall below 5°C. Please do not place any objects on the robotic mower and store it in its normal position.
Prepared in this way, your robotic mower will survive the winter clean and dry. In spring it will then be ready again for the new gardening season.


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